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Break and Clutch Services

If you’ve been facing issues with your vehicle’s brake and clutch system, then Sam’s Motors can serve as a huge source of relief. We are a team of specialists, engaged in repair and service of brakes and clutches. As a leading provider of top-class Brake and clutch services in Brisbane, Sam’s Motors repairs brakes and clutches of different makes and models. In addition to this, we are also engaged in selling clutches for four wheel drives, vans, trucks and cars. Our expert mechanics can conveniently fit or replace the clutches on your trucks, vans etc.

We use latest diagnostic scan tools

At Sam’s Motors, we are committed to deliver quality brake and clutch services in Brisbane. All our specialists have multiple years of experience in mechanical services and repairs. As one of the most prominent brake and clutch repair companies in Brisbane, Sam’s Motors uses the most advanced diagnostic scan tools for service and repair of clutch and brake systems. We have stocked brakes and clutches of all reputable brands including EBC, Valeo, PBR, RDA, Bendix and many more.

What all does Sam’s Motors repair?

Being conscious about the significance of regular vehicle servicing, Sam’s Motors is engaged in repairs of all kinds of brakes and clutches. Right from flywheel grinding to disc and drum machining; all brake and clutch repair work is being handled in our fully-equipped workshop. We repair and replace all types of clutches and clutch components, for example, the clutch kits and boosters, master cylinders and slave cylinders. In addition to this, the vehicle brake components that are repaired by us include the following:

  • Brake and handbrake cables and shoes
  • Brake boosters
  • Disc pads and rotors
  • Brake drums and master cylinders
  • Caliper pistons and kits
  • Brake pipes and flexible brake hoses

Whatever is the fault in your vehicle’s brake and clutch system, our experts would go beyond boundaries to guarantee complete fixing of the issue within a small amount of time. Moreover, our competitive pricing wouldn’t impact your car/truck/van maintenance budget as well.