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Brake Drum Machining

Brakes Drum Machining is crucial with new brake shoes…

A crucial thing about brake drums is that their effectiveness is entirely dependent on the friction between brake shoes and Brake Drum. However, when the brake drums get worn out with time, they are unable to find enough contact points on the brake shoes to grip and are unable to create sufficient friction for the brakes to apply properly and stop the vehicle during braking. That’s why Brake Drum Machining in Brisbane assumes great significance, as it is the only way which can provide the replaced brake shoes of your vehicle to grip the brake drum surface again, and provide the required friction for the brakes to stop your vehicle when required.

At Sam’s Motors, we also undertake skimming of brake drums (which are commonly known as Break drum machining) at our workshop to make your old brakes work as good as new ones in combination with the new brake shoes.

We bring along more than 30 years experience of Auto mechanical repairs…

We have a long history of serving our clients with top quality Break drum machining in Brisbane at the most competitive prices. Conveniently located at 666 Gympie Rd, Lawnton Qld 4501 in Australia, we can offer you dedicated services with assured quality control measures; so that you can leave all your braking worries at our workshop, and drive safely and confidently in your vehicle without encountering any braking issues.

We also offer after-hours and on-site brake repair services…

We also have provision for providing on the site and after hours brake repair service to help clients who might be stuck somewhere due to issues in the braking mechanism of their vehicle. Apart from Break drum machining, we also undertake fitment of brake pads, brake rotors and brake master cylinders as well to cover all areas related to the functioning of brakes.