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Car windscreens replacement

The windscreen of your vehicle plays a very important role in assisting you to carry out your drive as smoothly as possible. In case of any damage to your windscreen due to a crash or a collision, the first thing you will need to worry about is going for a Car Windscreens replacement as soon as possible. At Sam’s Motors, we are experts in handling broken and cracked car windscreens, which could seriously affect your ability to see clearly on the road ahead and drive your car safely from one place to another.

Apart from handling windscreens replacements during regular hours from Monday to Saturday between 7am in the morning till 7 pm in the evening; we also handle urgent Car Windscreen replacements during afterhours as well on a prior appointment.

We also carry out Windscreens’ repairs if possible…

To ensure that our customers get the most desirable solution when they get a damaged windscreen, we also try to salvage damaged windscreens by undertaking repairs on them if possible. This is a great solution for those customers who do not have a vehicle insurance policy that covers windscreen damage as well. In case of such customers, we make every effort to repair the vehicle’s windscreen to the best extent possible, so that the vehicle owner does not have to go for an immediate replacement of vehicle’s windscreen. However, if there is no way to repair the broken chips of the windscreen, only then we recommend going for Car Windscreens replacement.

Our windscreens are compliant with Australian standards…

At Sam’s Motors, we are committed to providing the best quality glass in our windscreens which is compliant with the Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006 or corresponding International Standards. We have the expertise and experience to replace all auto glass fitments of varying sizes the windscreen replacement in the rear and side windows as well.