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Mechanics and Motor Engineers

A trusted place for Mechanics and Motor Engineers in Strathpine…

There is something about a trusted mechanic that may even make you take that 100 mile trip on a weekend for getting some niggling issues checked in your vehicle. If you know the value of a smooth running vehicle, you would also know the value of hiring good Mechanics and Motor Engineers in Strathpine, so that you can keep your vehicle running in prime condition all the time.

That’s why; finding a trusted place for Mechanics & Motor Engineers in Strathpine would mean a lot to you when you looking for one to get your vehicle serviced regularly.

We offer you finest mechanics with years of experience…

At Sam’s Motors, we offer you a one stop shop solution for all the mechanical repairs & log book servicing related to your vehicle with great precision and care. Backed by a 3 decade long experience of delivering quality Auto repair and services to clients in the region, we treat every customer as our utmost priority, and we go all out to fulfil every service that the customer wants us to deliver according to hi/her satisfaction.

So next time you are faced with a Mechanical fault in your vehicle, you can come to us without any doubts or deliberations. And you can be sure that we will deliver you the best of services at the most reasonable price.

We offer a range of services to give you complete piece of mind…

Starting from Engine Overhauls, Engine Re-Conditioning, Transmission service, Gearbox Repairs, Brake Repairs, Wheel Alignment, Clutch Replacement, Steering & Suspension Repair, Towing, Brake Rotor Machining, EFI Diagnostics and Engine Tune-Up, there is no service area that we can’t handle in mechanical faults with efficiency and expertise.

So next time when you have any car service requirements that you want to be handled with expert care, there is only one destination that you should head to without thinking again. And that destination dear friend is Sam’s Motors; a trusted provider of top quality Auto Mechanical Services at the most reasonable rates.