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Safety Certificates

Do you really need a Safety Certificate for your vehicle?

A Safety Certificate is actually a certificate issued after inspection of a vehicle’s condition; the condition of its engine parts and body parts that help in determining the road worthiness of the vehicle in question. At Sam’s Motors, we also carry out mobile vehicle inspection and issue safety certificates for vehicles after checking them thoroughly for road worthiness.

If you are residing in the state of Queensland, you will require a Safety certificate for your vehicle if you plan to put it up for sale in the market. Similarly, if you are relocating/moving to Queensland from another state, you will need a Safety certificate in that case as well to show the road worthiness of your vehicle when you are driving in the state of Queensland.

Other key aspects related to Safety Certificates…

Once a safety certificate is issued for a vehicle’s safety and road worthiness, it only lasts for a limited duration starting from the date of issuance of the certificate. For Private Sellers, this duration is 2 months or 2000 kilometres (Whichever comes first from date of issue), and for Motor Dealers, this duration is 3 months or 1000 kilometres (Whichever comes first from date of issue). Another important thing about Safety Certificates is that you must display it on the vehicle you are either offering for sale or have relocated with in Queensland from another state.

At Sam’s motors, we issue safety Certificates in complete accordance with the Inspection criteria covering the basic yardsticks that affect the safe operation of vehicle on the road. The parts covered in this inspection include the following…

·         Seats & Restraints ·         Lights & Electrical Components
·         Windscreen & Windows ·         Body & Chassis
·         Steering & Suspension ·         Wheels & Tyres
·         Brake Components ·         Engines & Drivelines
·         Exhaust Emissions ·         Road Test
·         Service Brake Test ·         Hand Brake Test


Get your Safety Certificate at Sam’s Motors…

So next time you plan to sell a private or commercial vehicle in Queensland, you can simply come to Sam’s Motors for getting your vehicle certified for safety with our stringent quality assessment tests conducted on each relevant part in your vehicle.