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Steering and Suspension Repair

As a vital component of your vehicle, the steering and suspension system must be monitored for any kind of minor or major faults. At Sam’s Motors, we are engaged in offering 100% professional steering and suspension repairs in Northside, Brisbane. While the suspension system holds significance for the vehicle’s road handling and braking; the steering is important for turning the vehicle in different directions. If your vehicle isn’t isolated from bumps and vibrations, then it’s quite possible there is some kind of issue with its suspension. On the other hand, if you need to apply a lot of force for moving your vehicle in a specific direction and there’s a groaning sound while turning the vehicle, then it’s high time to get the steering system checked.

Choose us for all Steering and suspension repairs in Northside, Brisbane

At Sam’s Motors, we are a friendly team of qualified and experienced mechanics, diagnosing and repairing the steering and suspension issues with your vehicle. Right from tuning the suspensions to repairing the steering system; everything is being looked after by the experts. At Sam’s Motors, the mechanics use top diagnostic equipment for determining the real issue with your vehicle’s steering system. After unveiling the problem with steering system, we offer a range of services and repairs including:

  • Power steering repairs and flushing
  • Power steering pump reseals and replacement
  • Power steering rack repairs and replacement
  • High pressure and low pressure power steering hoses replacement

In addition to above, Sam’s Motors is also skilled in replacing or upgrading the vehicle’s shock absorbers, springs and suspension bushes to their original state. We are also experts in supplying and installing easy-to-adjust suspension components. Suspension is of prime importance for keeping the road wheel in contact with the road’s surface. Plus, it is also vital for protecting the vehicle and any luggage from getting damaged. Your search for suspension repairs experts in Brisbane ends at Sam’s Motors. We look forward to serve you with top-grade steering and suspension repairs that would get your vehicle back on the roads.