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Transmission Service

Well-known for our expertise in automatic Transmission services Brisbane, Sam’s Motors specializes in repair and servicing of automatic transmissions for cars, trucks, vans and a range of other vehicles. Responsible for the transfer of drive right from the vehicle’s engine to the wheels; the transmission forms a vital component of your car. Just a plain oil leak or a loose band adjustment can bring your vehicle to a halt. At Sam’s Motors, we are fully trained in performing repairs of automatic transmission. We are thoroughly skilled in operating torque convertors, automatic transmission hydraulic and electronic controls, planetary gear sets, drive line noises, valve body repairs and vibration-related issues.

We’re equipped with the right rebuilding room for offering top-class transmission services in Brisbane

Sam’s Motors has a fully equipped air conditioning rebuilding room which has all the necessary machinery for meeting all kinds of transmission repair requirements. All our machines comply with the environmental standards and serve as the right devices for diagnosis and rectification of issues pertaining to the Automatic Transmission system of vehicles. The workshop also has an extensive library of manuals that help the employees in dealing with different transmission and vehicle models.

We’ve collaborated with leading automatic transmission suppliers and builders in Australia

As a leading transmission services Brisbane, Sam’s Motors has nurtured its relationships with some of the most prominent international automatic transmission suppliers and builders. This means, we’re now enriched with greater amount of knowledge, more resources and abilities for handling the most complex automatic transmission jobs conveniently.

Sam’s Motors undertakes the below mentioned modifications on the transmission overhauls:

  • Installing new clutch pack seals, sealing rings, case gaskets
  • Dismantling and cleaning all the components
  • Setting up pump on lathe and machine in a flat position
  • Installing shift kits, shift correction kits etc.
  • Improving the torque convertor for producing stall that’s related to the engine’s performance

We ensure that your vehicle’s automatic transmission works smoothly and delivers a brilliant, long-lasting performance.